This is where I will post cool stuff I find

Dbz models - Download!

Hello peeps After a bit of concideration Id like to hand out my Old Dragon Ball Z models to the public. They have some flaws in them, proportion wise etc. feel free to edit them in anyway or pick them apart. But it would be nice to recieve a little bit of credit of course it also contains a Vegeta model but dont have a screeny online The Download Link Enjoy, Rock on and Peace out.

Hello World

Hello Everyone,

welcome to the updated version of I've decided to share my knowledge with you all on youtube and here ofcourse.
I'll be posting tutorials every now and then and I will also do requests!

Need to know something about Max, Mudbox, photoshop and a little bit of Fusion?
Make a request, and I'll make the movie.


Arthur "D2"