Swat Man

Say Swat? again some work in progress.

Mudbox Swat

7-2-2012 update.

Mudbox Swat

24-01-2013 update.

Mudbox Swat

Arthas the Lichking

Some Wire action

World of Warcraft: Arthas Wireframe

added movie! 27/09/2011

Updated the movie! 01/08/2011

Edit: 30/07/2011 - Render Test

World of Warcraft : Arthas - the Lichking


My interpetation of Frostmourne

world of warcraft Frostmourne

Gohan - Revisit

Dragonball Z Gohan

Cell - Revisit

Dragonball Z Perfect Cell

Render test (Old)

Render Test

Name: Head Render Test


A render setup

Some Work in Progress (Old)

Health Software Realtime

Name: HealthSoftware


Application made in Quest3D using Director as UI

first Mudbox

Name: MudMan


Mudbox pass over a model for Dominance War

Edgeloop Study

Name: Head


Head made for Edgeloop learning